Tie-Back to TLP and SPAR

Because of the dynamic forces imparted to a subsea wellhead from a completion to a floating production vessel that is constantly in motion, the fatigue life of the subsea well equipment becomes an important issue. Dril-Quip’s Tie-Back Systems for Floating Production incorporates key equipment components to successfully defend against fatigue failures and provide easier rig up, running and connection to the subsea wellhead.


DX® and DXe® Wellhead Connectors for high preloaded production riser connection at the subsea wellhead.

  • Easy stab and make-up at high misalignment angles
  • High bending and tension load capacity
  • High pressure containing capacity
  • All metal-to-metal seals with resilient backup
  • Easily adapted to accommodate most casing and production riser programs
  • Connector design is verified through computer analysis and validation tested
  • Available with mechanical or hydraulic locking systems
  • Tie-Back Connector can be pressure-tested after connecting to the subsea wellhead
  • Stab seal is field-replaceable
  • Dual metal-to-metal sealing profile on Tie-Back Connector gasket prep
  • DX® and DXe® Wellhead Gaskets can be pre-installed by ROV prior to tie-back for rig time savings
  • Field proven performance