Subsea Tie-Back Systems

Dril-Quip's Tie-Back-to-Subsea Wellhead Systems connect the subsea wellhead to a surface production vessel for surface completion. Dril-Quip Tie-Back Systems are available in two basic styles: tie-back to a fixed platform, and tie-back to a floating production platform (TLP or Spar). All tie-back systems are designed for use with either the Dril-Quip SS-15® or the SS-10® and SS-10c® Subsea Wellhead Systems. Each tie-back system is individually engineered to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Subsea Tie-Back to Fixed Platform

Subsea Tie-Back to Fixed Platform

Dril-Quip's SS-15 Subsea Tie-Back System represents the latest in tie-back systems technology. This subsea tieback system provides an easy, reliable means of tying back a subsea wellhead for surface completion.

Tieback SPAR

Subsea Tie-Back to Spar and Tension Leg Platform Systems

When dynamic forces impacting a subsea wellhead from a production vessel that is constantly in motion makes fatigue life of the well equipment an important issue, Dril-Quip offers its rugged and field proven Spar and TLP Tie-Back System.