Subsea Wellhead Systems

Dril-Quip is an industry leader in subsea wellhead technology and each of it's field-proven SS Series Wellhead Systems and components are specially designed to meet the many challenges of working in both shallow water and record setting ultra-deep water environments. All of our wellhead systems are engineered, manufactured, and tested to exacting standards and are field proven. Dril-Quip offers everything you need to run and install all systems and our global manufacturing and service presence means we will be there every step of the way.


SS-15® and SS-20® BigBore™ IIe Subsea Wellhead System

Dril-Quip's BigBore IIe meets the demands of HPHT well environments. The BigBore IIe is fully verified and validation tested for structural capacity and high fatigue resistance.


SS-20® and SS-15® BigBore™ II-H Subsea Wellhead System

The SS-20 and SS-15 BigBore II-H Subsea Wellhead System is Dril-Quip's wellhead system designed for deepwater, deep well applications. The BigBore II-H System features higher load carrying capacity and higher temperature ratings than the typical subsea wellhead systems.


SS-15® BigBore™ II Subsea Wellhead System

Dril-Quip's SS-15 BigBore Subsea Wellhead Systems allow an additional casing string, casing hanger and seal assembly (typically 18") to pass through the 18-3/4" wellhead with the BOP stack and riser in place


SS-15® and SS-15ES® Rigid Lockdown Subsea Wellhead System

The 18-3/4" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead incorporates all the field-proven features of Dril-Quip's standard wellhead. The Rigid Lockdown Wellhead includes a locking mechanism that preloads the 18-3/4" wellhead to the conductor wellhead.


SS-15® Standard Subsea Wellhead System

Dril-Quip's SS-15 Subsea Wellhead Systems are rated for 15,000 psi working pressure, features a field-proven “weight-set” metal-to-metal annulus seal, and the “weight-set” technique to install and retrieve all components.


SS-10® / 10c® Subsea Wellhead Systems

The SS-10/SS-10C Subsea Wellhead Systems are 10,000 psi working pressure systems with weight-set metal-to-metal seals. These systems utilize the SS-15® guidance equipment for higher bending capacity.