Subsea Production Systems

Any operator knows that when working offshore, time is money, and Dril-Quip offers innovative Subsea Production Systems that are time-saving, cost effective, field-proven, alternatives to expensive traditional completion systems. Our subsea production systems are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and are rigously tested to ensure we are offering the performance, reliability and durability that our customers demand and are essential when working in deepwater and harsh environments.


Horizontal Subsea Production System

Dril-Quip's latest and more advanced production sytems available for shallow and deepwater dilling.


SingleBore™ Subsea Production System

Dril-Quip's SingleBore Production System is a time-saving, economical alternative to traditional completion system design. This system eliminates the need to run and retrieve a wireline plug to open and close the annulus.

DualBore Subsea Production System

DualBore™ Subsea Production System

The Dual Bore Production System is designed to provide direct overhead access to the production and annulus bores. This allows the setting of wireline plugs in the tubing hanger to secure the well prior to removing the BOP stack.

Subsea Manifolds

Subsea Manifolds

Subsea manifolds are an integral part of many subsea development projects. Dril-Quip supplies manifolds for shallow-water developments and harsh deepwater service and offer solutions to subsea production environment challenges.

Flowline Connectors

Flowline Connectors

The DQ-VC is a field-proven vertical flowline connector designed to exacting standards for reliable, cost-effective performance. The DQ-VC is available with integral or non-integral hydraulic functioning.

Guidelineless Subsea Production System

Guidelineless Subsea Production System

Dril-Quip's Guidelineless Subsea Production System's design incorporates the latest in deepwater completion technology. All Dril-Quip trees can be designed and configured to accommodate guidelineless completion operations.


LRP / EDP Packages

Dril-Quip's Dual Bore Production System includes the Lower Riser Package (LRP), the Emergency Disconnect Package(EDP) and associated tools, surface tree and control system. Dril-Quip can supply the complete package.