The SS-15ES and SS-15 Rigid Lockdown

The SS-15ES and SS-15 Rigid Lockdown Wellhead System is a 15,000 psi system that features weight-set, metal-to-metal seals.

System Features:

  • High-bending, high-pressure and high-fatigue capacity
  • Active RLD system preloads 18-3/4" wellhead to conductor wellhead during installation
  • Pressure-balanced annulus shut-off system activated when wellhead is locked down
  • Subsea tie-back profiles standard
  • Minimum number of tools and trips
  • Simple, reliable, trouble-free operations
  • Same seal assembly fits all casing hangers in wellhead
  • All casing hangers are automatically centralized and locked down
  • Large flow-by areas around casing hangers
  • BOP stack can be tested with Nominal Bore Protector, wear sleeves or wear bushings installed
  • Tubing hanger profile standard
  • Can accommodate all manufacturers subsea tubing hangers and subsea completion trees
  • Simple installation steps
  • Field-proven performance

Rigid Lockdown Wellhead

The 18-3/4" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead incorporates all the field-proven features of Dril-Quip’s standard wellhead. The Rigid Lockdown Wellhead includes a locking mechanism that preloads the 18-3/4" wellhead to the conductor wellhead. This is to increase resistance to bending and increase the fatigue life. The rigid lockdown system can incorporate a pressure-balanced annulus shut-off valve that closes off the flow-by between the 20" casing after the 20" casing has been cemented into place.

  • The SS-15 18-3/4" Standard Rigid Lockdown Wellhead is a nominal 27" O.D.
  • The SS-15ES 18-3/4" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead has a nominal 30" O.D.
  • Designed and manufactured for 15,000 lbs H2S service
  • Run, landed, preloaded and locked using Mechanical Rigid Lockdown Running Tool
  • Customer-specified wellhead connector profile
  • Bending reaction ring on the O.D. transfers bending loads to the 30"/36" wellhead housing
  • Primary load shoulder can carry all loads at the bottom of the wellhead for seven million lbs

Mechanical Rigid Lockdown and Wellhead Running Tool

The Mechanical Rigid Lockdown and Wellhead Running Tool is a drill pipe running tool that allows the running, installation and cementing of the 18-3/4" Rigid Lockdown Wellhead and casing in a single trip.

  • Operates in conjunction with the 18-3/4" housing running tool and runs the 18-3/4" wellhead equipped with the rigid lockdown system
  • Tool activates the rigid lockdown mechanism on the 18-3/4" wellhead housing
  • Position indicator plate on the O.D. of the outer sleeve verifies lockdown
  • Mechanical advantage of the system is that drill pipe overpull at the wellhead creates a preload between the 30"/36" and 18-3/4" wellhead
  • Tools create a preload of up to two million lbs

Contact your Dril-Quip representative for more information about the SS-15 and SS-15ES Subsea Wellhead Systems.