SS-10/10c Wellhead

The SS-10/SS-10C Subsea Wellhead Systems are 10,000 psi working pressure systems with weight-set, metal-to-metal seals. The SS-10 Subsea Wellhead System utilizes the SS-15® guidance equipment for higher bending capacity.

SS-10 Subsea Wellhead

System Features:

  • Reliable, trouble-free operation; fewer trips required
  • Seal assemblies are weight-set and true metal-to-metal seals
  • Same seal assembly fits all hangers 13-3/8" and smaller
  • Seal assemblies retrieved with vertical pull—no rotation required
  • No left-hand rotation downhole
  • All casing hangers are automatically centralized inside wellhead
  • Large flow-by areas around all casing hangers
  • 18-3/4" and 16" seal assembly outer lock ring locks seal assembly and casing hanger down
  • BOP stack can be tested with wear bushings installed (with exception of 7")
  • Threaded profile standard in the top of the casing hangers
  • Simple installation steps
  • Minimum number of tools
  • Field-proven performance

Contact your Dril-Quip representative for more information about the SS-10/10c Subsea Wellhead Systems.