SingleBore™ Production System

Dril-Quip’s SingleBore Production System is a time-saving, economical alternative to traditional completion system designs. The SingleBore Production System eliminates the need to run and retrieve a wireline plug to open and close the annulus.

The SingleBore Tubing Hanger System with SB-Valve technology provides the following benefits:

  • The SingleBore Tubing Hanger allows downhole safety valve control, injection line connections, downhole temperature and pressure monitoring as well as a submersible pump power cable if required
  • Tubing sizes up to 7" can be accommodated while maintaining a 2" annulus access
  • Dril-Quip's patented SB-Valve replaces annulus plug profile in the tubing hanger and the necessity for DualBore running string
  • The SB-Valve is pressure balanced so that pressure in the annulus will not accidentally open or close the bore
Dril-Quip SingleBore

These unique features of the SingleBore Tree enable operators to save time and money:

  • Workover riser system and surface tree are simpler and less expensive than systems for traditional DualBore trees
  • Can be run on tubing or drill pipe with an umbilical
  • Flow through the tree to and from the annulus occurs in a series of connected bores and a 1" O.D. high-pressure line run with the workover control umbilical
  • The SingleBore tree and tree cap running and retrieving tool replace an expensive Lower Riser Package and an Emergency Disconnect Package
  • The SingleBore tree body incorporates integral production master, production swab valves and an annulus master valve