Dril-Quip offers the PR-80™ and FRC™ Production Riser Connectors as an integral part of the entire production riser string system for Spar and TLP vessels offered by Dril-Quip.

FRC Riser Connector

Dril-Quip’s FRC Flanged Riser Connectors are preloaded connections suitable for use in TLP or Spar high-pressure drilling riser and production riser applications. Forged heavy-duty bolts are used to make up each connection and incorporate rings to retain the bolts in the "up" position during handling. A metal-to-metal sealing ring gasket provides a gas-tight connection.

Dril-Quip’s FRC™ Marine Drilling Riser Connector combines high coupling strength with ease of operations and meets the stringent durability requirements of today’s deepwater drilling operations.

Special hydraulic wrenches ensure fast make-up and accurate preloading of the flange connectors. This quick-running, high-strength coupling is designed for easy maintenance with field replacement of most of its components. This rugged, reliable riser connector delivers maximum uptime.

FRC Connector Features:

  • Made-up 6-bolt flange preloaded to 2,500 kips per API Specification 16R
  • Available in preload configurations up to 5,000 kips
  • Load-sharing between the choke and kill lines and the riser pipe body reduces overall joint weight
  • Easy field maintenance allows replacement of connection seals when required

PR-80 and PR-85 Production Riser Connectors

The PR-80 Production Riser Connector features high-tensile, high-bending and high fatigue life characteristics while maintaining easy operational features. The connector incorporates a metal-to-metal seal with an elastomeric backup.

  • High fatigue characteristics
  • Threaded connector region is stronger than the mating pipe
  • Tapered thread-form with three threads per inch and full root radius
  • Dual alignment diameters engage prior to thread contact, eliminating cross-threading
  • Metal-to-metal pin nose seal engages on straight diameter box seal surface
  • Square shoulder spider landing area on box
  • Tong grip on connector heavy wall sections
  • Positive stop torque shoulder
  • Field-proven performance