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BigBore IIe™ Subsea Wellhead System Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip’s new BigBore IIe™ Subsea Wellhead System, a fully qualified subsea wellhead system that has been extensively analyzed and validation tested to be suitable for high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) service. 05/01/2017
HorizontalBore™ Subsea Tree Catalog: An overview of the Dril-Quip's new HorizontalBore™ Subsea Tree. 05/01/2017
DXe® Wellhead Connector Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip’s new DXe® Wellhead Connector, ideally suited for use with a Subsea BOP stack, Subsea Completion Trees and Tie-Back to Floating Production Platforms. 05/01/2017
General Catalog: An overview of the Company, its products, services, capabilities, facilities and other general information. 08/11/2014
Ocean Floor Field Development Catalog: Dril-Quip offers a complete line of field-proven innovative drilling and production products, enabling the Company to provide comprehensive field development solutions. This catalog offers an overview of Dril-Quip products, services, capabilities, and facilities that provide the Company with the ability to engineer, manufacture, manage and install complete systems for major offshore field developments. 08/11/2014
SS-15® BigBore™ II Subsea Wellhead System Catalog: The BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System provides a highly flexible and customizable casing program and includes the SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead that is designed for 15,000 psi working pressure and H2S service. This is an overview of the SS-15 BigBore II Subsea Wellhead System including general system specifications, features and benefits. 09/17/2014
SS-15® BigBore™ II-H Subsea Wellhead System Catalog: The SS-15 BigBore II-H Subsea Wellhead System is Dril-Quip's next generation wellhead system designed for deepwater, deep well applications featuring higher load carrying capacity and higher temperature ratings. This catalog is an overview including system specifications, components, features and benefits of this system. 09/17/2014
SS-20™ BigBore™ II-H Subsea Wellhead System Catalog: As the search for oil and gas goes deeper, new wellhead systems have to be developed to meet the challenges of longer casing strings, heavier loads, higher pressures and higher temperatures. Dril-Quip’s SS-20 BigBore II-H Subsea Wellhead System was been designed to do just that. This is an overview including system specifications, components, and features of Dril-Quip's new high-pressure wellhead system designed for 20,000 psi working pressure. 09/17/2014
SS-Series Subsea Wellhead System Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip's full line of subsea wellhead systems. 09/17/2014
Rapid-dePloy™ Marine Drilling Riser System Catalog: An overview of the Rapid Deploy Marine Drilling Riser System including Flanged Riser Connectors, Riser Joints, Telescopic Joints, Solid Tension Ring, Boost Line Termination Joint, Lower Flex Joint Assembly, Hydraulic Riser Spider and Gimbal, Auto-Fill Valve Joint, DX Connector and Diverter Systems. 08/09/2014
LS-15™ Liner Hanger System Catalog: An overview of the features, benefits, capabilities, and components of Dril-Quip's new generation of Liner Hanger, Liner Hanger Packer as well as its Cementing Manifold and Running Tool. 08/09/2014
Production Control Systems Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip's production control capabilities including the Multiplex Control System, Surface Control System Equipment, Subsea Control System Equipment, Installation and Workover Control Systems, and Production Trees. 08/09/2014
SingleBore™ Subsea Completion System Catalog: Highlighting the Dril-Quip Vertical Tree Completion System including the capabilities of the SingleBore Tubing Hanger and Tree. 08/02/2014
Spar and TLP Drilling and Production Systems Catalog: Highlights of the Dril-Quip Dry Tree Completion System including Surface Equipment such as Surface Wellheads, Gate Valves, Production / Drilling Risers, DX Connectors, Specialty Connectors, Subsea Wellhead Systems, Production Control Systems and Liner Hanger Systems. 08/02/2014
Specialty Connectors Catalog: An overview Dril-Quip's Specialty Connectors including features and benefits of the Multi-Thread, Quik-Thread, Quik-Stab and Quik-Jay Connectors . 08/02/2014
MS-15® Mudline Suspension Systems Catalog: An overview of the system with features, benefits, and components including Shoulder Hangers, Split Ring Hangers, Mudline Hanger Running Tools, Profile Cleanout Tools, Temporary Abandonment Caps, Tie-Back Tools, the Mudline Conversion Systems, and the Dril-Thru Mudline Completion System. 08/04/2014
Adjustment Sub Catalog: An Overview of Dril-Quip's Adjustment Sub which precludes the need to cut casing and set slip-type hanger assemblies in the surface wellhead system saving valuable rig time and providing for safer drilling operations. 08/04/2014
SC-90™ Conventional Surface Wellhead System Catalog: This catalog provides an overview of the SC-90 Conventional Wellhead System designed for land, jack-up or platform drilling and completion applications. This covers the system specifications, features and components such as the Starting Head, Intermediate Casing Spool, Heavy-duty Casing / Tubing Head, Tubing Spool Adapters, Tubing Hangers, and Gate Valves. 08/04/2014
Template Systems Catalog: Dril-Quip Template Systems provide the operator with the ability to arrange production wells in a platform eliminating the possibility of intersecting wells or well misalignment by forcing direct centerline-to-centerline spacing. 08/04/2014
Subsea Tie-Back Systems Catalog: Dril-Quip's Tie-Back-to-Subsea Wellhead Systems connect the subsea wellhead to a surface production vessel for surface completion. This is an overview of the two basic styles: Tie-Back to a fixed platform, and tie-back to a floating production platform (TLP or Spar). 08/04/2014
SU-90™ Series Unitized Surface Wellhead System Catalog: An overview including system specifications, features, and components of the different SU Series Unitized Wellhead Systems including Casing Heads, High Pressure Wellheads, Casing Hangers, Nominal Bore Protectors and Wear Bushings, Seal Assemblies, Tubing Hangers, and assorted accessories and running tools. 08/04/2014
HIPPS - High Integrity Pressure Protection System Catalog: A HIPPS module is a safety device that allows high-pressure production wells to safely tie into existing lower pressure-rated pipelines. The HIPPS module includes flowline barrier valves, pressure sensor transmitters and controls designed to protect against overpressure in pipelines. 08/04/2014
DQ-VC™ Vertical Connector Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip's field-proven Vertical Flowline Connector available with integral or non-integral hydraulic functioning and with rigid or flexible pipe configuration for maximum adaptability. 08/04/2014
Gate Valves Catalog: An overview of the features and benefits of Dril-Quip's family of high quality gate valves and actuators including the DH Series Slab Gate Valve, the DHS Series Split Gate Valve, the DHD and DHS Series Gate Valves, the DA Series Surface and Subsea Hydraulic Actuators, the DM and DL Gate Valves and DLH Actuator and the DHF Series Fire Resistant Gate Valves. 08/04/2014
Jack-Up and Platform Drilling and Completion Systems Catalog: Dril-Quip's many years of experience with Jack-Up drilling and completion operations has led to the development of over 100 wellhead and mudline suspension system configurations to satisfy the demanding requirements of Jack-Up drilling applications. 08/04/2014
Casing Reparation, Re-installation and Adjustment Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip's Casing Reparations and Adjustment capabilities including the Adjustment Sub, the Emergency Back-Out Sub, Casing Re-installation and Casing Reparation. 08/04/2014
Dril-Quip Facilities Catalog: An overview of Dril-Quip's facilities and locations worldwide and specifics regarding capabilities. 08/11/2014