Dril-Quip Saving Time and Reducing Risk with Subsea Wellhead System Running and Test Tools


Author: Greg Williams, Senior Engineering Manager of Subsea Wellheads at Dril-Quip
Presented by: Greg Williams

In recent years, subsea wellhead suppliers have been asked to focus on increasing bending capacity, increasing pressure ratings, casing-carrying capacity, lock-down capacity and temperature ratings of wellhead equipment and associated running tools. At the same time, considerable effort has been applied to reducing the number of trips into the well and accomplishing more tasks with each trip. This paper discusses the efforts of operators, contractors and equipment suppliers to develop tools, equipment modifications and installation techniques to reduce trip time and costs without increasing risk. Total cost comparisons and trip comparisons between earlier conventional wellhead systems and the latest generation subsea wellhead systems are presented. The study concludes that significant operational cost savings have been realized through the improvement efforts focused on saving trip time, which is a significant cost of drilling a well. This paper makes it obvious that investing in new and improved wellhead designs, equipment and operational practices will result in greater return from time savings on drilling operations.

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