Dril-Quip SS-20 20,000 psi Subsea Wellhead System Installed in the Gulf of Mexico


Marathon Oil is drilling a well with a Dril-Quip 20,000 psi SS-20 Subsea Wellhead System. The well is located in the Walker Ridge region of the Gulf of Mexico southwest of New Orleans in 6,781 feet of water. The well was started in May 2015 and Marathon Oil has installed 36” conductor, a 28” secondary conductor string, 18” casing, 16” casing and 14” casing to date

“Dril-Quip’s SS-20 was selected for this prospect because of its HPHT capabilities,” said Kyle Carver, Dril-Quip’s Sales Representative for Marathon. “The wellhead system and all of its components have been tested and certified to API 17D 2nd Edition and API 6A 20th Edition.”