Dril-Quip Technical Presentations at OTC 2018


HPHT Technology Verification, Validation, and Regulatory Requirements: Part One

This session will focus on advances in the areas of HPHT equipment designs, materials, fatigue, and operations. Appropriate verification analysis and validation test methods will be discussed, in addition to HPHT standards, regulations, approvals, and independent third-party verification processes.

HPHT Hands Free Marine Drilling Riser System with Superior Fatigue Performance
C. Sandman, D. Mills, D. Plichta, J.T. Kaculi, Dril-Quip, Inc.

Tuesday, 1 May | 0952-1014 | Room 604 | #28869

The Malikai Project

In December 2016, production started at the Malikai TLP, located 100 kilometers off the coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Malikai is Shell’s second deepwater project in Malaysia, following Gumusut Kakap, which started production in 2014. Located in water depths of 500m, the project features a cost-effective platform design scoped for field size and a unique, industry first set of risers.

Malikai TLP: Collaboration in Design and Delivery of the Malikai SCCTTR
S. Bhat, Shell; K. Tay, Shell Malaysia; T.L. Power, Stress Engineering Services Inc; S. Hafernik, Dril-Quip, Inc.

Tuesday, 1 May | 1120-1142 | Room 610 | #28855