Dril-Quip Delivers Equipment for Phase 3 of the South Arne Field Development


DRIL-QUIP started delivery of platform wellhead and completion equipment to Hess Corporation for its South Arne platform phase 3 in April 2015. The South Arne field, located in the Danish North Sea, is operated by Hess.

The platform wellhead and completion system being supplied by DRIL-QUIP is unique. DRIL-QUIP’s SU-902TM Multi-Slot Wellhead System features equipment that enables the drilling and completion of more than one well in a single well slot. It also includes special drilling equipment that allows underbalanced drilling operations. Underbalanced drilling enables the operator to drill through a low pressure formation zone safely by allowing a managed amount of wellbore fluid back to controlled outlets at the surface.

The wellhead system is designed with a DRIL-QUIP Radial Bolt Conductor Connector (RBCC) pin at the top of the conductor. The Multi-Slot Starting Head features a mating RBCC box connection that allows installation of the Starting Head to the 40'' conductor. This RBCC connection provides easy riser disconnect and Starting Head installation. The conductor and the Starting Head hang and support the 13-5/8'' Wellhead, intermediate casing and production casing strings for both wells.

The wellhead also supports the underbalanced drilling (UBD) equipment on each well with the aid of the SU-902 UBD spool and casing hanger. The UBD spool and hanger are equipped to support various functions such as pressure and temperature monitoring, chemical injection and water injection during underbalanced drilling operations. DRIL-QUIP first supplied UBD equipment to Hess in 2013.