42" Connectors for 20,000 psi Applications by Dril-Quip


In 1981, Dril-Quip began its business with the introduction of large diameter forged and weld-on specialty casing connectors in the 18” through 30” size range. Over the years, capacity requirements have continued to grow and Dril-Quip has responded to market demand with larger sizes and higher capacity specialty connectors up to 38” sizes.

Recently, Dril-Quip introduced the industry’s first fully qualified 42” diameter casing connector for subsea wells. This connector was developed to address the high load requirements for conductor pipe used in offshore deep water/deep well applications where wellbore pressures exceed 15,000 psi. The subsea wellhead systems using the 42” conductor connector are designed for 20,000 psi. Dril-Quip has successfully welded these connectors to thick wall 42” conductor pipe and integrated the pipe into low pressure housing joints for a customer’s 20,000 psi drilling and completion development project.

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