Rapid-dePloy™ Marine Drilling Riser System

Riser systems, with extended periods of use under a variety of conditions, must be rugged and reliable, easy to use and maintain, cost-effective and operationally efficient. Designing a marine drilling system that offers the appropriate balance of technology and economy is a challenge which Dril-Quip has met with its Rapid-dePloy Marine Drilling System.

The system, as its name implies, is quickly installed, saving valuable rig time. It is designed for ease of use and maintenance, with field replacement of critical components. This rapid-running, high-strength system is built to last – designed to effortlessly handle ultra-deepwater and extreme drilling conditions today and well into the future.

Dril-Quip offers a complete line of riser systems that provide features such as stronger connections, additional auxiliary lines, automatic fill-up valves and greater tensioning capacity. These components meet or exceed the new demands of deeper water drilling and include: Riser Spider and Gimbal, Diverter System, Flex Joints, Telescopic Joint with Tensioning Ring, Termination Joint (auxiliary lines) and Riser Fill-Up Valves.

Dril-Quip Telescopic Joint

Diverter System:

  • Diverter systems are offered in up to 60" diameter with a variety of outlets and fill-up lines in accordance with customer specifications
  • Packer elements are hydraulically activated and lock down mechanically – flowline seals are self-energized lip seals
  • Diverter Handling Tool runs diverter assembly and can be used to install and remove insert packers, or insert packers can be run and retrieved with insert rods

Telescopic Joint / Split Support Ring:

  • Dual hydraulically operated packers have split polyurethane sleeves for long life
  • Provides a primary fluid bearing and a secondary bronze bearing for tension ring rotation
  • Ratcheting system for small incremental rig rotations used with or without fluid bearing
Dril-Quip Termination Ring

Split Auxiliary Line Termination Ring:

  • The two-piece hydraulic support ring connection system lands and locks to the telescopic joint, providing faster attachment of drape hoses
  • The system is secured to the telescopic joint and the parking station with hydraulic latches
  • Significant savings in running time

Split Auxiliary Line Termination Ring:

  • The standard gimbal is designed to fit in a 60" diameter rotary table
  • Spiders and gimbals are available in several capacities and rotary table sizes
  • Gimbals six bearing elements allow full load distribution and up to six degrees of angular misalignment
  • Spider support plates are hydraulically opened and closed