Dril-Quip's FRC™ Marine Drilling Riser Connector

Dril-Quip's FRC™ Marine Drilling Riser Connector combines high coupling strength with ease of operations and meets the stringent durability requirements of today's deepwater drilling operations. Each connector features simple, reliable, trouble-free operation and fast, easy make-up characteristics.

Special hydraulic wrenches ensure fast make-up and accurate preloading of the FRC Flange Connectors. This quick-running, high-strength coupling is designed for easy maintenance with field replacement of most of its components. This rugged, reliable riser connector delivers maximum uptime.

FRC Connector Features:

  • Made-up 6-bolt flange preloaded to 2,500 kips per API Specification 16R
  • Available in preload configurations up to 5,000 kips
  • Load-sharing between the choke and kill lines and the riser pipe body reduces overall joint weight
  • Available in high-pressure drilling riser connection
  • Available with choke and kill lines, booster lines and multiple auxiliary lines as per customer requirements
  • Easy field maintenance allows replacement of connection seals when required
  • Aftermarket repair and reconditioning services available