Flowline Connection

The DQ-VC is a field-proven vertical flowline connector designed to exacting standards for reliable, cost-effective performance. The DQ-VC is available with integral or non-integral hydraulic functioning and a rigid or flexible pipe configuration for maximum adaptability to customer requirements.

DQ-VC with Integral Hydraulics:

  • 5,000 PSI pressure rating
  • Metal-to-metal sealing
  • Hydraulic unlock, lock, seal release and seal test functions
  • Secondary mechanical unlock provided

The DQ-VC is available as a piggable connector with up to 12 hydraulic couplers, a piggable loop with metal-sealing swivel arms and pigging isolation valve provided.

Dril-Quip Flowline Connector

DQ-VC With Non-Integral Hydraulics:

To minimize connector cost, the DQ-VC can be configured with all hydraulic functions in the DQ-VC running tool so that no hydraulics are left on the ocean floor. With this design, multiple pipe sizes are provided using the same connector and running tool. The DQ-VC with non-integral hydraulics is rated to 10,000 feet of water depth.

Major System Components

  • Vertical flowline running tool (two required)
  • Jumper and collet connectors
  • Receiver structure (male hubs located at tree, manifold, PLEM and PLET)
  • Spreader bar and rigging

Features of the DQ-VC Running Tool

  • Hydraulic running tool
  • ROV operated; no umbilical required
  • Mechanical override of all locking functions
  • Running Tool is retrieved after connectors are locked and gasket is tested
  • Control land cylinders draw hub faces together after running tool has initially landed out on receiver
  • Lock cylinders provide force required to lock and preload connection