Under new legislation that came into force in April 2018, UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish information relating to their gender pay gap. This involves carrying out six calculations showing the difference between the earnings of men and women in our organization; it does not involve publishing individual employee data.

These figures refer only to Dril-Quip® (Europe) Limited in the UK and covers our entire UK workforce.

Our results as at 5th April 2018 are:

Mean Gender Pay Gap 24.3%
Median Gender Pay Gap 25.2%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 34.9%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 0%
Male Female
Proportion of Employees Receiving a Bonus 100% 100%
Proportion of Men and Women in Each Quartile
Upper Quartile 71% 29%
Upper Middle Quartile 88% 12%
Lower Middle Quartile 89% 11%
Lower Quartile 96% 4%

As a manufacturing organisation, our workforce is made up of a high percentage of roles that are predominantly held by male workers such as welders, machinists, and workshop and offshore technicians. The disparity in the number of males and females in these roles, and in the Manufacturing industry in general, is well reported and therefore reflected within our organisation.

We believe that our gender pay gap exists as a result of the types of roles that males and females undertake in our business and at different levels in our workforce. We are confident that we offer equal pay between our male and female employees who undertake comparable work.

We operate an equal opportunities resourcing process aimed at attracting and retaining the best person for each position. As a wider organization we are committed to diversity and equality in the areas we can control as a business and we continue to strive to address any gaps, ensuring that our policies, practices, and processes are fair and free from bias.

We confirm that the information and data provided in this statement are accurate and in line with mandatory requirements.

Jeff Bird
CFO SVP Production Operations

Meredith Eddy
Human Resources Manager