Employee engagement drives our success and fosters an environment for innovation.

At Dril-Quip, we value a positive, energizing workplace where our people are engaged. We believe that a workplace where employees feel valued and respected leads to higher retention rates, discretionary effort, and engagement.

The Dril-Quip family extends beyond our employees. We believe that we will strengthen our legacy by taking care of all our members.

Employee Engagement

To ensure we provide a rich experience for our employees, Dril-Quip tracks metrics related to organizational culture and engagement, which help us build on the competencies that are important for our future success. We periodically engage independent third parties to conduct cultural and employee engagement surveys. These include corporate culture assessments and real-time feedback on employee engagement and well-being focused on physical, emotional, social, and financial health.

Employee Resource Groups

Dril-Quip’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a fundamental component of employee engagement. At Dril-Quip, we want to have a positive, energizing workplace where our people feel safe and engaged to drive a more inclusive culture. Our ERGs offer an additional community for our employees to engage in, whether through our Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN), Activities Committee, Volunteerism, or attending one of the many company-sponsored events and seminars.

Image of Dril-Quip employees at a Women's Empowerment Network (WEN) event Our Women’s Empowerment Network has driven Dril-Quip’s tradition of participating in International Women’s Day, where we recognize and celebrate the achievements of the outstanding women at Dril-Quip. In March 2022, Dril-Quip’s Women’s Empowerment Network hosted renowned international speaker, author, and credentialed inspirational coach Margaret A. Johnson, PE and PCC, for a special presentation on effective leadership: "From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure".

Training and Recruitment

Image of Dril-Quip employees during a professional development seminar

The development, attraction, and retention of employees is a critical success factor for Dril-Quip. To support the advancement of our employees, we offer comprehensive training and development programs encouraging advancement from within our organization. Our programs aim to identify, foster, and retain top talent at the corporate and operating unit levels.

Performance Management and Professional Development

Our human capital strategy drives a consistent approach to human capital management and provides tools to facilitate employee development. Performance management and leadership succession are a vital part of our people development process that helps identify and develop future leadership talent. Each year, we assess our employees' competencies on strategic, transformational, and operational leadership levels, and development plans are put in place to foster improvement. Our Board of Directors oversees the leadership succession process using human capital analytics on workforce demographics, diversity, inclusion, hiring, and attrition rates. We track these metrics and measure progress at cascading levels of the organization.


global participation in performance management

In 2021, Dril-Quip launched the implementation of our new performance management approach, called 3D@DQ, which focuses on the three core elements of performance management:







3D@DQ is a critical element of our people development process. It is traditional performance management with contemporary features to help build and reinforce our desired culture.

Flexible Workplace Policies to Support an Evolving Workforce

We recognize that our employees (both men and women) have obligations outside work, and providing flexibility is critical to fostering a culture that is healthy, productive, and focused on the employee experience. Where not covered by local regulations, we offer benefits that support these needs, along with the flexibility for hybrid work options to balance both a remote and in-office work experience.

In Houston, where state government regulations for family leave do not exist, we have implemented a Family Care Program. This program enables employees who have either finalized a qualified adoption or had a baby to be eligible to make an election for paid bonding leave or payout instead of paid time off for bonding leave. We believe our program will further support the diversity, equity, and inclusion values that Dril-Quip espouses.