Diversity in our workplace broadens thinking and stimulates innovation.

We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, engaged, and empowered workforce to enable us to manage our business with a focus on health and safety, the environment, ethical behavior, quality and being a good corporate citizen in all countries in which we operate. Diversity in our workplace broadens thinking and stimulates innovation. A more diverse workplace impacts how we act and what we do and opens our minds to be more creative and collaborative.

Dril-Quip® creates a positive work environment by maintaining a strong culture of diversity and inclusion, supported by our Code of Business Conduct and formal employment practices. Our Diversity and Inclusion framework provides for new and existing Diversity and Inclusion-related initiatives across Dril-Quip®. This framework guides our board of directors, management, employees, vendors, sub-contractors, and partners in developing an inclusive culture. Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is supported by a range of policies that further encourage inclusive business practices, including:

Equal Employment and Non-Discrimination

Dril-Quip® has a long-standing commitment to support equal opportunity for all. Dril-Quip® provides all applicants and employees fair and equitable consideration and treatment in all matters related to employment, benefits, training, compensation, and other privileges and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, or any other basis that is protected under applicable law. Likewise, Dril-Quip® promotes an environment in which applicants and employees with equal abilities are given equal job opportunities and an individual’s performance of his or her job is the determining factor for that employee’s progress.

Dril-Quip® is also dedicated to improving female and minority representation across the firm and in leadership positions. We are committed to recruiting and developing tomorrow’s leaders and providing opportunities for employee development, education, training throughout their careers.


Dril-Quip® provides an inclusive work environment in which mutual respect is expected from everyone. We prohibit ethnic, racial, religious, sexual or any other type of harassment. Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual behavior and other forms of behavior (whether physical or verbal in nature) that create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment that interfere with and obstruct workplace performance are prohibited.

Employee Training

Preventing Harassment and Ethics training are mandatory requirements for all Dril-Quip® employees. To further progress our diversity culture, we recognize the need to train employees and managers on Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.

Family Care Programs – Parental Leave

The Dril-Quip® family extends beyond our employees. We believe that by taking care of our entire family, we will strengthen our legacy going forward. We recognize that our multigenerational employees, both women and men, have obligations existing outside work that may affect their abilities, at times, to be present, productive, and engaged. Where not covered by local regulations, we provide benefits that support these needs.

In Houston, for example, state government regulations for family leave do not exist. We have implemented a Family Care Program there that enables employees who have either finalized a qualified adoption or had a baby to be eligible to make an election for paid bonding leave or payout in lieu of paid time off for bonding leave. We believe our program will further support the diversity and inclusion values that Dril-Quip® espouses.