Emergency Backout Sub

Introduced to the industry by Dril-Quip, Emergency Backout Subs are unique casing tools that provide a means to disconnect from, and reconnect to, a casing string downhole. This use of Emergency Backout Subs eliminates the need for casing cutters and casing patches. In addition to being useful in stuck casing situations, Emergency Backout Subs can be used in repairing damaged casing, allowing the operator to bring a producing well back on line.

The LS-15 Liner Hanger System features field-proven technology that incorporates the following:

  • Reliable, trouble-free operation
  • Metal-to-metal sealing with resilient backup seals between the Backout Sub and the Running Tool, and between the Stab-In Tie-Back Running Tool and the Type RF Tie-Back Running Tool
  • Backout Sub sealing system maintains pressure capacity equal to the casing string
  • Computer analyzed for strength, pressure capacity and pressure integrity equal to the casing string
  • Sized to be compatible with standard casing programs
  • Available for standard or H2S service
  • Field-proven performance