Badger®Specialty Casing Connector

The Next Generation Critical Service Casing Connector that meets and exceeds surface casing required for severe service.

Quik-Thread® Connectors

Quik-Thread Connectors offer fast make-up, and reliable sealing of large diameter tubulars for a variety of drilling applications. Their rugged thread form and automatic self-aligning profiles allow for quick and easy installation in the field. Quik-Thread Connectors can be outfitted with anti-rotation keys for added security in harsh drilling environments. Recommended for:

  • Casing run from any floating rig where rig movement and deepwater current may be encountered
  • Casing run from a dual-activity floating rig
  • For "lost circulation" hole sections
  • For riser casing strings in mudline suspension system wells

Multi-Thread Connectors™

The Multi-Thread Connector is a member of the Quik-Thread line of connectors. It maintains the field-proven performance of the Quik-Thread design with the advantage of making up in only 5/8 of a turn. Multi-Thread Connectors are ideally suited for running large diameter casing because they do not require the use of power tongs. Recommended for:

  • Shallow water applications
  • Large diameter tubulars on all bottom supported drilling vessels or moored floating drilling vessels
  • Applications where casing will be run directly into the hole

Quik-Stab® Connectors

Quik-Stab Connectors provide fast make-up and reliable, weight-set connections for large diameter tubulars. Their design allows for high-angle stabbing, self-alignment and automatic locking of pin and box. Quik-Stab Connectors are an excellent choice for applications that require fast make-up without rotation. Features Include:

  • High-angle stabbing
  • Self-aligning
  • Automatic positive lock
  • Mechanical release
  • No rotation
  • High strength
  • High pressure sealing
  • Low torque
  • Drivable
  • Anti-rotation devices available
  • Reusable
  • Fully tested
  • Easily weldable
  • Field-proven performance

Quik-Jay™ Connectors

Quik-Jay Connectors are ideal for use at the mudline for quick, remote release of riser strings. They provide fast make-up, effective anti-rotation, remote disconnect and diverless tieback. The Quik-Jay box accepts a standard Quik-Stab pin for diverless, weight-set tie-back operations. Features Include:

  • Mechanical, diverless release
  • High-angle, self-aligning tie-back
  • Only 1/16 turn to make up
  • Reusable
  • Effective anti-rotation
  • Field-proven technology
  • Diverless tie-back
  • Easily weldable