Capital Drilling Equipment

As the offshore oil industry ventures into deeper water and greater well depths, the complexity and costs of drilling have increased exponentially. These costs are not measured by equipment price alone; operational costs, maintenance and repair, and life cycle of the equipment are all part of the equation.

Riser systems, with extended periods of use under a variety of conditions, must be rugged and reliable, easy to use and maintain, cost-effective and operationally efficient. Designing a marine drilling system that offers the appropriate balance of technology and economy is a challenge, which Dril-Quip has answered with its drilling and production riser systems.


HFRe™ Marine Drilling Riser System

Dril-Quip has approached rig operational safety with a new marine drilling riser system. Traditional riser deployment is inherently hazardous because it requires manual effort at the rotary table for joint make-up. The Dril-Quip HFRe marine drilling riser connector design virtually eliminates the need for rig personnel at the rotary table. This improves rig safety during riser deployment and reduces HSE risk.


Rapid-dePloy™ Marine Drilling Riser System

Dril-Quip offers a complete line of riser systems that provide features such as stronger connections, additional auxiliary lines, automatic fill-up valves and greater tensioning capacity.

Marine Drilling Riser Connector

Marine Drilling Riser Connector

Dril-Quip's Marine Drilling Riser Connector designs combine high coupling strength with ease of operations, and meet the stringent durability requirements of today's deepwater drilling operations.

Diverter Systems

Diverter Systems

Dril-Quip's Diverter Systems provide field-proven protection from shallow gas. These systems are designed for jack-up and platform (MD Diverter System) or for floating drilling operations (MDF Diverter System).