Adjustment Sub

The Dril-Quip Adjustment Sub is a telescoping casing joint that precludes the need to set slip-type casing assemblies in platform wellhead systems. It is a solution for stuck pipe in subsea wellhead drilling applications while maintaining the pressure integrity of the casing string.

The Adjustment Sub features:

  • Provides adjustment of the casing string length between two fixed points
  • Allows transmission of left and right torque mudline equipment with wash-out operations
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and with various adjustable strokes
  • Engineering analyzed for strength and pressure integrity
  • Metal-to-metal seals provide pressure capacity compatible with the casing
  • Available for standard or H2S service
  • Full bore design
  • Sized for specific applications; Model ADJ-HP supplies high-pressure integrity while model ADJ-ST supplies a stronger load carrying capacity
  • Field-proven performance
  • Contact your Dril-Quip representative for the Adjustment Sub that best suits your application