When Production Moves, So Do We

TLP and SPAR production is where Dril-Quip’s unique deepwater expertise pays off. As one of the world’s leading providers of systems that can accommodate moving platforms, we understand the specialized engineering associated with fatigue loads and bending capacities. Our solutions allow for adjustments in tension and stretch, from the subsea wellhead to the surface tree, and everything in between.

Confidence-Tested and Proven

To ensure our equipment performs to specification, Dril-Quip has the in-house R&D capabilities to test at full scale for cyclic, static, and bending qualifications. Using the latest technology and modeling software, we evaluate and rate all components – at working, extreme, and survival capacities – disassembling and analyzing at every stage. When it comes to verifying equipment for extreme, real-world expectations, no other company comes close.

Top tensioning joint on tension leg platform on offshore oil and gas rig.

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