Making Faster Easier With Expandable Liner Hangers

Dril-Quip provides a wide range of downhole solutions for onshore drilling activities and production operations. This includes our premium XPak® Expandable Liner Hangers. Quickly installed and with technical ratings often exceeding the specs for liner pipe and host casing, they bridge a range of applications and sizes – from 3 ½-inch liners inside 5-inch casing up to 18 5/8-inch x 24-inch.

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A Deep Resource for Well Construction

We also offer conventional liner hangers, field-proven for a century in some of the deepest, most challenging wells and complex horizontal completions. These hangers are easy to install and operate, and suitable for a wide range of well conditions, including high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Other specialty equipment includes surge reduction tools, downhole casing pulling tools, cementing heads, top-down squeeze tools, and dual plug systems. Our Well Construction division is headquartered in Houston. With engineering, technical services, sales, management, and integrated supply chain services under one roof, we’re responsive to your needs.

XPak® De Expandable Liner Hanger System

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