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For offshore drilling operations, Dril-Quip offers numerous downhole solutions, including our premium XPak® Expandable Liner Hangers, featuring technical ratings that often exceed the liner pipe and host casing. With faster installation times, they bridge a range of applications and sizes – from 3 ½-inch liners inside 5-inch casing up to 18 5/8-inch x 24-inch, the world’s largest. 

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Go Conventional With Confidence

Dril-Quip also offers conventional liner hangers, proven with a century of service on some of the deepest, most difficult wells and complex horizontal completions. Easy to install and operate, they’re suitable for a wide range of well conditions, including high-pressure, high-temperature environments.

Other specialty equipment includes surge reduction tools, downhole casing pulling tools, cementing heads, top-down squeeze tools, and dual plug systems. Headquartered in Houston, our Well Construction division is uniquely responsive to your engineering, technical, sales, and integrated supply chain needs.

XPak® De Expandable Liner Hanger System

Delivering unrivaled reliability, this streamlined design eliminates hardware and leak paths, reducing the likelihood of exposing the environment to hydrocarbons.

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