A Company Engineered for Sustainability

Dril-Quip is a global leader in offshore drilling and production solutions. It’s that same field-proven expertise that makes us an ideal choice for carbon sequestration projects. Manufactured to the most exacting standards, our equipment withstands the extreme pressures and temperatures required for environmentally and economically sustainable long-term waste disposal.

Dril-Quip CCUS Solutions

Environmental Innovations to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our e-Series products, which include wellheads, production trees, connectors, and expandible liner hangers, are designed to deliver permanent efficiencies and cost savings while reducing environmental impact. Through collaborative agreements, we complement those capabilities with innovative transportation, logistics, monitoring, and storage technologies.

The Dril-Quip SingleBore SBTe Subsea Wellhead on the ocean floor being incorporated into a template arrangement attached to a marine buoy used for injection purposes.

SBTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree

In tandem with Dril-Quip’s patented Self-Aligning VXTe™ Technology, our lightweight and compact SingleBore™ Tree (SBTe™) eliminates hardware and operational steps, minimizing your carbon footprint.

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A 3D illustration of Dril-Quip's SBTe Vertical Subsea Tree

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

A 3D model of TIW Conventional Liner Hangers

Liner Hanger Systems

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Let Dril-Quip help you with your CCUS projects, lowering costs and reducing your carbon footprint.