Featured Product: SBTe™ SingleBore™ Vertical Subsea Tree

Utilizing Dril-Quip’s patented self-aligning VXTe™ technology, the lightweight SBTe™ eliminates hardware and operational steps, minimizing your carbon footprint.

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The Power of e® Applied to Drilling and Production Solutions

At Dril-Quip, we do more than anticipate a changing industry. We drive those changes with solutions that improve the efficiencies and economics of production. And we prove it with equipment that eliminates hardware, operational steps, and environmental and safety risks. This is The Power of e®, enabling our customers to operate successfully in any cycle by fundamentally changing the way wells are drilled and completed.

Offshore Oilfield Equipment and Services

From surface to downhole, shallow to deepwater, Dril-Quip is a leading global resource for offshore products, services, and engineering support.

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A drilling vessel deploying a yellow subsea tree into the ocean

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

As a leader in offshore drilling and production, Dril-Quip also has deep experience sustainably injecting and storing CO2 emissions offshore.

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The Dril-Quip SingleBore SBTe Subsea Wellhead on the ocean floor being incorporated into a template arrangement attached to a marine buoy used for injection purposes.

Onshore Oilfield Equipment and Services

All of Dril-Quip’s efficiencies that have been proven offshore can significantly reduce operational costs for land-based operations as well.

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Two workers in coveralls and PPE in a warehouse inspecting products in a wooden crate

Geothermal Well Equipment

Dril-Quip products are engineered to withstand extremely corrosive, high-pressure, high-temperature environments associated with geothermal well projects. 

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Industrial pipes supporting a geothermal energy station

TLP and SPAR Solutions

For tension leg platform (TLP) and SPAR applications, Dril-Quip offers a variety of adjustable, fatigue-tested solutions to accommodate moving platforms.

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Top tensioning joint on tension leg platform on offshore oil and gas rig

For Streamlined Energy Transition Solutions, Let’s Talk

Let Dril-Quip help you streamline operations, lower costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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