Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

With continually evolving challenges to production, budgets and HSE, Dril-Quip thinks outside the status quo to help our customers effectively and efficiently meet their objectives.

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Integrated Services

Dril-Quip Integrated Services Engineers combine product design and manufacturing knowledge with extensive offshore experience.

Our Integrated Services Engineers Are Required to:

  • Act as a focal point for the customer
  • Proactively manage HSE and service quality
  • Plan the project and determine scope
  • Review procedures assess risk and plan contingencies
  • Coordinate contractors and logistics
  • Manage the life cycle of customer assets and rental tools

Engineered Solutions

Collaborating closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges, we keep our eyes open to new ways of solving problems. We bring everything to the table — expertise, tools, imagination and an impressive track record of success – to help our customers save time and money.

A Dril-Quip employee looking down a pipe while applying clamps

Product Training

As an OEM with a comprehensive engineering and technical support staff, Dril-Quip writes its own detailed service manuals, which are provided with all our products. Additionally, we offer personal equipment training to customers, explaining how our products work, how they can improve the bottom line and how they can help with sustainability goals.

Specialty Facilities Capabilities

Dril-Quip products consistently outperform because we relentlessly test. This requires having the tools to simulate the extreme environments our customers encounter accurately.

  • High Bay: 125’ tall and extending just as far below ground, this structure lets us perform extensive stack-up and testing procedures that would typically have to be conducted offshore.
  • Horizontal Test Machine: Exclusive to Dril-Quip, this unit is engineered to test pipe, connectors and systems to their full capacities. Far surpassing the limits of conventional test units, it’s the only machine in the industry that can validate all data required for ISO 13679 compliance for most size and grades.
  • Continuous-Torque Bucking Unit: This machine is capable of accommodating 24-inch OD connectors and delivering up to 200,000 ft.-lbs. of torque. We use this to pre-install casing pups to your specifications before sending them offshore, saving time and reducing risk.
  • Triplex Hydro Test Unit: Capable of testing up to 30,000 psi, this unit helps ensure the integrity of your production components.

Big Solutions, Evolved

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