Maximize Equipment Longevity, Minimize Your Footprint

HPHT applications take a heavy toll on offshore deepwater and platform equipment. With recertification and refurbishment, Dril-Quip can help you extend the life of your assets – meeting performance expectations while reducing your rig time, costs, and carbon footprint.

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Connector Recertification

Dril-Quip can conduct a complete teardown on a range of connector types, such as BOP, LMRP and tieback connectors. Our process includes a dimensional inspection, mag particle inspection, liquid penetrant examination, replacing all consumables, blasting, recoating and reassembly of components – all according to API 16R specifications. After which, we issue a Certificate of Conformance.

Alternately, to accommodate shorter timelines, we can conduct condition-based monitoring of equipment in the installed position and provide either a Certificate of Service or Statement of Fact. To keep equipment in sync, we recommend that drilling contractors fully recertify their connectors when they recertify their BOP stacks per API standards.

Capital Drilling Equipment

For drilling contractors all over the world, Dril-Quip is a reliable resource for the recertification of rig equipment. From simple function tests, inspections and recoatings to complete overhauls and seal replacements, our experienced teams can accommodate. We’ll help you maximize your capitalized assets, providing five-year statements of conformity, service or fact according to requisite specifications.

  • Inspection, reconditioning, recertification, and (re)installation
  • Drilling, production, completion and workover riser
  • Diverters and tensioner systems
  • API 16AR, Standard 53, API Standard 64
Dril-Quip employee working on a pipe

BigBore® Diverter Retrofits

As the industry pushes for optimized efficiencies, conductor sizes are increasing from 30 to 36-inch ODs, accommodating larger drill bits and hole openers. Dril-Quip is the leading provider of these diverter systems, offering six-month delivery backed by a comprehensive stocking program for major forgings. Considered safety-critical equipment, our patented BigBore® Subsea Wellhead System is designed to the most exacting standards, surpassing anything currently available.

If you are currently running a small-bore diverter and are looking to upgrade or retrofit your assembly, we offer a BigBore® Conversion, a Diverter Exchange as an aftermarket option, or a Diverter Upgrade, which simply replaces your existing system. Our BigBore® System will significantly expand your capabilities, reducing trips, saving rig time and money, and minimizing your carbon footprint. Our engineers will ensure modifications meet any severe service requirements and industry specifications.

Production Equipment

Instead of building from square one, get more life from your assets. Dril-Quip can refurbish everything from surface production equipment to subsea trees, including spools, valves, and actuators.

  • Inspection, reconditioning, recertification and reinstallation
  • XT’s, spools, valves and actuators
  • Meets API 6A and 17D specifications
A Dril-Quip employee water blasting production equipment

Storage, Preservation, and Maintenance

Dril-Quip has the space, facilities and capabilities to flexibly accommodate a wide range of equipment types. Onsite or offsite, covered or uncovered, we’ll ensure that your assets are protected and performance-ready, with necessary inspections and fluid levels properly maintained. We also offer preservation wrapping upon request.

A length of pipe being moved into storage by Dril-Quip employees

Work Safer, Smarter, and Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.