What Is The Power of e® ?

Greater efficiency and effectiveness. Improved economics. The elimination of hardware, operational steps, and environmental and safety risks. This is The Power of e®, enabling and empowering our customers to operate effectively in any market cycle. It is evolutionary because we are fundamentally changing the way deepwater wells are drilled and completed with solutions that provide permanent efficiencies and enduring cost savings.

The Power of e® is not new. It is part of our philosophy and culture. And over the years, it has been consistently applied by Dril-Quip in the exceptional products we engineer and the services we bring to market.

Measured Savings With e-Series

e-Series Products

A 3D model of the BADGeR™ Specialty Casing Connector

BADGeR™ Specialty Casing Connector

Delivering a gas-tight premium seal, this connector features hands-free automatic locking and the longest fatigue life in the industry while reducing HSE hazards.

  • Enhances well economics
  • Handsfree, automatic makeup eliminates the need for special equipment and reduces operating expenses
  • Effectively reduces risk
  • Removes rig personnel from areas where heavy equipment is moved around
  • Eliminates ancillary equipment minimizing trip hazards on the floor

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A 3D model for the DXe® Wellhead Connector

DXe® Wellhead Connector

Dril-Quip’s new DXe® Wellhead Connector is designed for use as a BOP stack connector, subsea tree connector or riser tie-back connector and is suitable for use in HP/HT service and severe bending and high fatigue applications.

  • Exceptional risk reduction
  • Proprietary latching profile provides superior fatigue performance
  • Eliminates bolts in the load path, preventing the failures experienced with other connectors
  • Engineered for long service life in the most demanding high-pressure, high-temperature conditions
  • Elimination of hardware allows for a reduction of equipment set downhole, reducing associated risks

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A 3D model for the BigBore™ IIe Subsea Wellhead

BigBore™ IIe Subsea Wellhead

Minimizing downhole equipment and risk, this wellhead cuts the time to install and reach the target depth by five trips, generating significant savings.

  • Significantly decreases installation time and delivers considerable cost savings
  • Eliminates the need for extra lockdown devices
  • Reduces the time required to reach target depth by five trips
  • Minimizes risks by reducing the amount of equipment set downhole

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A 3D model for the SS-15 RLDe Subsea Wellhead

SS-15® RLDe Subsea Wellhead

The SS-15® RLDe helps operators reduce costs and HSE and operational risks in HPHT applications.

  • Lowers carbon emissions by eliminating manufactured hardware and reducing the time it takes to drill a well
  • Enables casing hanger/seal assemblies to be run in one trip
  • Eliminates the need for extra lockdown devices
  • Eliminates up to five trips, saving time and money
  • Extended service life; field-proven in extreme HPHT conditions
  • Unmatched bending, tension, and load-carrying capacities
  • Accommodates 30- to 36-inch conductors

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A 3D model for the SBTe™ SingleBore™ Vertical Subsea Tree With Patented VXTe™ Self-Aligning Technology

SBTe™ SingleBore™ Vertical Subsea Tree
With Patented VXTe™ Self-Aligning Technology

The SingleBore™ Tree (SBTe™) eliminates hardware and operational steps, minimizing your carbon footprint.

  • Lowers carbon footprint via compact, lightweight design
  • Eliminates hardware and operational steps
  • No need for expensive dual-bore production and annulus riser
  • No need to run and retrieve a wireline plug to open and close the annulus
  • Can be run off any vessel and accommodates 7-inch completions
  • Provides fishing-friendly, overtrawlable protection structures
  • Ideal for shallow-water applications and brownfield development

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A 3D model for the VXTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree With Patented Self-Aligning Technology

VXTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree With Patented Self-Aligning Technology

Revolutionizes tree installation with substantial cost and time savings.

  • Eliminates the need for a tubing head to orient the tubing hanger and align the tree
  • Cuts out the rig time associated with tubing head installation
  • Removes the need for special running tools and the verification trips required for hanger orientation and space-out
  • Eliminates complex BOP pin and orientation interfaces and the potential need for BOP modification
  • Allows the tubing hanger to land in any orientation in the wellhead so there is no risk of misalignment
  • Enables drilling and completions without pulling the BOP
  • Reduces transportation and offshore handling of equipment by eliminating the tubing head

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A 3D model for the XPak De Expandable Liner Hanger

XPak De® Expandable Liner Hanger

Delivering unrivaled reliability, this streamlined design eliminates hardware and leak paths, reducing the likelihood of exposing the environment to hydrocarbons.

  • Enhances operational flexibility by eliminating the need for a fixed hang-off point
  • Exceptional hanging and lockdown capacity allows the elimination of sub-mud line profiles and hangers if desired
  • Gas-tight, metal-to-metal seal is engineered for unrivaled reliability
  • No internal seals means fewer leak paths
  • High burst, collapse and differential rating minimize casing damage
  • As the hanger and annular seal are engaged simultaneously, additional operational risks and costs associated with a failed annular seal, and the potential risk of exposing the environment to hydrocarbons are eliminated
  • Slim running design reduces EDC during running, circulation and cementing, preventing costly problems

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*Based on data from customers and multiple government and industry organizations.
These calculations reflect a specific set of circumstances and are not guaranteed.

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