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Dril-Quip is setting the global standard for wellhead engineering and construction with pressure, and size ranges to accommodate most casing programs. 

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The SC-90™ Conventional Wellhead

SC-90™ Conventional Wellhead

The Dril-Quip SC-90™ Conventional Wellhead is a cost-effective wellhead designed for land, jack-up or platform drilling and completion applications.

The SC-90™ Conventional Wellhead Systems feature field-proven technology that incorporates the following:

  • Wide range of pressures and sizes available to accommodate most casing programs
  • Weight-set slip hanger with weight-set seal, optional mechanical-set seal
  • Ported for plastic injection
  • Slip hanger designed for uniform casing load distribution
  • Hangers designed to run through full opening blowout preventers
  • Industry accepted primary and secondary seals available
  • Tubing hangers available with resilient or metal-to-metal seals
  • Multiple bore tubing hangers available

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dril-Quip can help you boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk.

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