Evolving Field-Proven Performance

Featuring a time-saving rigid lockdown mechanism, the reliable SS-15® RLDe helps operators reduce costs, along with HSE and operational risks in HPHT applications.

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A 3D model of Dril-Quip's SS-15 RLDe Subsea Wellhead

SS-15® RLDe Subsea Wellhead

Apply Pressure And Lockdown Simultaneously

Instead of requiring separate trips, the locking technology on Dril-Quip’s SS-15® RLDe induces preload at the time of installation. This increases resistance to bending and fatigue life – no additional tooling is necessary. With two million lbs. of lockdown capability, the SS-15® RLDe can incorporate a pressure-balanced annulus shut-off valve that closes off the flow-by between the casing after being cemented into place.

Our DXe® Wellhead Connector locking profile can also be added to the wellhead. Popular in shallow-water applications and on heavy floating rigs, it delivers industry-leading structural capacity and fatigue resistance while occupying less real estate on the top wellhead face. A standardized quality plan eliminates the need for independent purview, expediting delivery.

System Features

  • Lowers carbon emissions by eliminating manufactured hardware and reducing the time it takes to drill a well
  • Enables casing hanger/seal assemblies to be run in one trip
  • Eliminates the need for extra lockdown devices
  • Eliminates up to five trips, saving time and money
  • Extended service life; field-proven in extreme HPHT conditions
  • Unmatched bending, tension, and load-carrying capacities
  • Accommodates 30- to 36-inch conductors

Dril-Quip SS-15® RLDe Wellhead

2 million

Lockdown capacity

15,000 psi

BOP pressure tested

+4M ft-lbs

Bending capacity

Engineered and Tested For The Real World

The SS-15® RLDe is fully verified and validation tested for structural capacity and high fatigue resistance. To ensure our wellheads and components meet or exceed the latest industry standards, Dril-Quip has extensive in-house capabilities, including a horizontal test machine capable of applying 20 million ft-lbs. of bending/loading pressure. All our products are backed by unparalleled R&D, engineering expertise, service, and support. 

Two Dril-Quip workers looking over pipes

Work Safer and Smarter

Dril-Quip’s wellhead systems are designed to reduce your operational and HSE risks, while saving time and money. Let’s talk about your next project.

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