Multipurpose Flexibility For Maximum Efficiency

Designed for severe HPHT environments, the BigBore™ IIe combines multiple tool functions with increased capacity, saving time and trips while reducing your carbon footprint.

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A 3D model of Dril-Quip's BigBore IIe Subsea Wellhead

BigBore™ IIe Subsea Wellhead

Changing The Game With Evolutionary Capability

Fatigue tested to more than 90 million bending cycles with two million lbs. hanger lockdown capacity, Dril-Quip’s BigBore™ IIe is engineered to take on your biggest operational and HSE challenges. Its multipurpose tool design eliminates trips, lowering your carbon footprint, while its expanded capacity can set five casing strings. By eliminating the need for trips and extra drilling and production lockdown devices, it reduces both capital and operational expenses.

The system is available in different pressure capacities—15,000 psi/27-inch (SS15® ) and 20,000 psi/30-inch (SS20™ )—and can be supplied with either legacy profiles or our DXe® locking profile, which delivers the industry’s best structural capacity and fatigue resistance. Both 16- and 18-inch casing, casing hangers, and seal assemblies can pass through the 21-inch OD drilling riser, 18-3/4-inch BOP stack, and the wellhead housing.


  • Lowers carbon emissions; eliminates manufactured hardware
  • Reduces time; casing hanger and seal assemblies can be run in one trip
  • Significant cost savings by reducing the number of trips
  • Eliminates the need for extra drilling and production lockdown devices
  • Metal-to-metal Seal Assembly provides 2 million lbs. of gas-tight lockdown capacity to resist thermal and pressure loads
  • High load capacity meets requirements of next-generation 20K drilling rigs and HPHT well designs
  • DXe® top connection offers superior, globally proven structural capacity and fatigue resistance
  • Tested and qualified to normal, extreme, and survival loads
  • Full-scale fatigue tested; qualified to 20,000 psi WP and 35° - 350° F per API 6A PR2 Group 4, with additional dynamic seal endurance testing
  • Standardized quality plan eliminates the need for independent purview, resulting in faster delivery

BigBore™ IIe Subsea Wellhead System

90+ million

Bending cycles fatigue tested

2 Million lbs

End load lockdown capacity

20,000 psi

Rated up to 20k psi working pressure

Tested, Proven, and Proven Again

BigBore™ IIe is fully verified and validation tested for structural capacity and high fatigue resistance. With extensive in-house capabilities that include a horizontal test machine capable of applying 20 million ft-lbs. of bending/loading pressure, Dril-Quip ensures that our wellhead and all components meet or exceed the latest industry standards. Consistently delivering on the high expectations our customers have come to expect, all our products are backed by unparalleled R&D, engineering expertise, service, and support. 

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