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A superior, versatile solution in high-fatigue shallow water conditions and ultra-deep critical service.

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A 3D model of Dril-Quip's DXe Wellhead Connector

DXe® Wellhead Connector

Engineered For High Pressure, High Temperature, And High Fatigue Conditions

Dril-Quip’s DXe® Wellhead Connector is a proven solution that is ideal for high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT), severe bending and high-fatigue conditions. It is an evolution in connector technology that encompasses years of experience and lessons learned from our earlier, highly successful DX® and SDX® Connector designs, which have been used for more than 20 years throughout the world – from shallow water Gulf of Mexico with its adverse ocean currents to the critical service environment of ultra-deepwater Brazil. And now, this latest product in our wellhead connector portfolio has the added benefit of being Green By Design™.

Reduces Environmental And Operational Risks

Since the wellhead is the single barrier to the ocean, this is critically important. The DXe® Wellhead Connector is the industry-leading connector for solving the well-known problem of stress-cracking bolts or bolt failures caused by drilling riser and tension loads. That’s because we have eliminated bolts from the load path.

Eliminates Failure With Unique No-Bolt Design

Some wellhead connectors have a load path that drives applied preload through the bolts required for assembly. In addition to corrosive seawater exposure, these bolts are subjected to cyclic loads from the drilling riser and tension loads generated by internal pressure. Fatigue cycles and material imperfections work together to form cracks that can propagate through the bolt’s threads, causing failure.


  • Exceptional risk reduction
  • Proprietary latching profile provides superior fatigue performance
  • Eliminates bolts in the load path, preventing the failures experienced with other connectors
  • Engineered for long service life in the most demanding high-pressure, high-temperature conditions
  • Elimination of hardware allows for a reduction of equipment set downhole, reducing associated risks
  • Eliminated bolt failures and stress cracking caused by drilling riser tension loads
  • Increase the number of BOP days in high-fatigue conditions
  • Compatible with industry-standard H4 profile

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dril-Quip can help you boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk.

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