Subsea Connectors Designed For Deep Water

Dril-Quip DX® Wellhead Connectors are designed for deep water, high wellhead pressure, deep wells, and long drilling times. 

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Wellhead Connectors Configured To Meet Your Requirements

Our DX® Wellhead Connectors are available in a variety of designs and configurations and can be modified to meet specific customer requirements. The DX-10® Connector is pressure rated to 10,000 psi, and the DX-15® is pressure rated to 15,000 psi.

These connectors are ideally suited for use with a subsea BOP stack or subsea completion Tree. The DX® Wellhead Connectors are designed to provide high bending, high tensile and high-pressure capacity while remaining easy to operate and install.

System Features:

  • High bending and tension capacity
  • High load capacity
  • Simple, reliable, trouble-free operation
  • Unique latching segments provide uniform load distribution
  • Top connection can be a clamp, flange or studded connection
  • Special seal design and stainless steel surfaces extend seal life
  • Easily retrofitted into any subsea BOP stack
  • Latching segments automatically retract when the connector is unlocked
  • Quick unlatching time; meets all international regulatory requirements
  • DX® seal ring with primary metal-to-metal sealing and emergency backup, metal-to-metal sealing profile
  • Ideal for subsea production systems
  • Ring gasket retaining mechanism provides simple, reliable remote gasket installation and removal
  • Large lock and unlock porting for quick response
  • DX®-DW® Connectors available for deepwater, higher preload requirements
  • Field-proven performance

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