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In tandem with Dril-Quip’s patented Self-Aligning VXTe™ technology, our lightweight and compact SingleBore™ Tree (SBTe™) eliminates hardware and operational steps, minimizing your carbon footprint.

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SBTe SingleBore Vertical Subsea Tree

Dril-Quip SBTe™ Vertical Subsea Tree

Where Lean Means Green

Our number-one selling production tree, the SBTe™ combines unparalleled engineering flexibility with a low-profile design. Capable of running in both shallow- and mid-water depths, it can be configured to order, accommodating specific operator requirements for flowline connection systems, subsea chokes, control systems, chemical metering valves and other components.

Part of the Dril-Quip's e-Series solutions, the SBTe™ features the patented self-aligning VXTe™ tree technology, which revolutionizes installation through substantial time and cost savings while further reducing carbon emissions.


  • Lowers carbon footprint via compact, lightweight design
  • Eliminates hardware and operational steps
  • No need for expensive dual-bore production and annulus riser
  • No need to run and retrieve a wireline plug to open and close the annulus
  • Can be run off any vessel and accommodates 7-inch completions
  • Provides fishing-friendly, overtrawlable protection structures
  • Ideal for shallow-water applications and brownfield development

VXTe™: An Evolutionary Leap In Completion Technology - It’s no exaggeration to say that Dril-Quip’s award-winning

Vertical Subsea Tree System (VXTe™) has changed how wells are drilled and completed. Our self-aligning technology eliminates the need for a tubing head to orient the hanger and align the tree, eliminating operational steps and saving up to two weeks of rig time.


Self-alignment mechanism streamlines installation.

No rig time spent on tubing head installation, no running tools, no trips to verify hanger orientation.

Metal-to-metal sealing-gate valve with secondary closing feature ensures reliable barrier.

Fewer operational steps and hardware minimize worker risk exposure.

The system accommodates up to 10 hydraulic and two electrical lines for intelligent, well completion.

Dril-Quip SBTe™ with VXTe™ Technology

$4 million

Up to $4m savings per well

2 weeks

Up to 2 weeks of rig time saved


HSE heavy-lift touchpoints eliminated

Lighter. Faster. Better. Proven.

At Dril-Quip, we push the limits of engineering to eliminate hardware, simplify operations and minimize interactions between equipment and people, all while reducing the carbon footprint for our customers and us. Then, with substantial investment in R&D, we relentlessly test the quality of the products we build through finite element analysis, component sizing, material selection, hydrodynamic analysis, installation evaluation and other variables. Because your world – the real world – is the ultimate testing ground.

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