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With its lightweight modular design, the Dril-Quip ConcentricBore™ Vertical Subsea Tree is a time-saving, economical alternative to traditional completion systems.

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A 3D model of the ConcentricBore Vertical Subsea Tree

ConcentricBore™ Vertical Subsea Tree

One Of The Industry’s Smallest Footprints

Easy to handle and install, our ConcentricBore™ Subsea Tree features innovative, reliable technology in a flexible, low-cost package. That includes field-proven DH gate valves, DA valve actuators, and subsea control system, as well as our unique DXe® Wellhead Connector, which delivers high fatigue resistance with no bolts in the load path.

Our ConcentricBore™ Tree places the production bore on the centerline, allowing more downhole functions to be incorporated. With multiple interface options and an adaptable design, it can accommodate all major industry third-party components, including chokes, jumper hubs, gas lift systems and chemical injection metering valves.

Features And Benefits

  • Large 14.5” ID vertical access through the tubing spool available to pass drill bits, coil tubing, and lower completion packages for maximum drilling and completion options.
  • Full 2” annulus access.
  • Standard API/ISO ROV interfaces for installation and maintenance access.
  • Configurable for crossover upstream or downstream of production wing valve.
  • Passive tubing hanger arrangement eliminates BOP orientation pins and extra tools.
  • Accommodates nine downhole hydraulic/chemical injection lines and two electrical lines, including fiber optic.
  • Metal-to-metal annulus sealing technology for reliable pressure containment.
  • Integral USV1 and USV2 valves in master valve block.
  • Available in 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi operating pressures.

ConcentricBore™ Tubing Hanger

Testing, Installation, And Commissioning

For subsea applications, Dril-Quip offers a comprehensive range of control system analyses, component testing, installation and commissioning services – ensuring the ConcentricBore™ Tree meets all applicable industry standards. Our capabilities are backed by teams of qualified technicians providing the expert support operational excellence demands.

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Whether your goal is to lower carbon emissions, raise your bottom line, or both, Dril-Quip can help with time- and cost-saving solutions. Let’s talk.

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