Compact And Standardized To Accommodate

Part of our Green By Design™ product line, the HXT™  can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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An HXT™ Horizontal Tree being lowered into the sea

HXT™  Horizontal Subsea Tree

An Advancement In Simplicity

Featuring an optimized tooling scope, Dril-Quip’s HXT™  Horizontal Tree is more lightweight and flexible than traditional subsea trees, designed to reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing, transport, and deployment. It also offers potential cost savings by expanding the range of vessels that can be used for installation.

  • Lowers carbon footprint due to our compact design and shorter installation time
  • Direct vertical access enables high-frequency workover
  • Efficient shared casing solution doubles available wells per given platform
  • Saves time and money with a simpler radial bolt connection system
  • Flexible solution accommodates multiple ESP, heater, downhole monitoring, and control configurations and a variety of well completion requirements

 HXT™  Tubing Hanger

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dril-Quip can help you boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk.

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