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When water depths are shallow, production wells can be spotted and drilled randomly relative to one another. In deeper water and more remote locations, production wells are clustered and directionally drilled to gain access to the largest part of the reservoir.

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The Latest Innovations In Template Design

Dril-Quip template systems provide the operator with the ability to arrange production wells in a pattern. This eliminates the possibility of intersecting wells or well misalignment by forcing direct centerline-to-centerline well spacing. All Dril-Quip template systems come with the required alignment and concentricity accessories to facilitate vertical installation of equipment during the drilling phase and also provide trouble-free operations during the tie-back phase.

All Dril-Quip template systems are available with bumper-guide receptacles, which can be used to align the jacket and its bell guides with the template well receptacles, ensuring proper alignment. Each bumper-guide receptacle is removable prior to jacket installation. This helps to eliminate the possibility of load shock to the template and predrilled wells during jacket installation.

Bottom-Supported Template Systems

Bottom-Supported Template Systems can be used where ocean floor conditions are known to be stable and where ocean floor inclination is typically less than four degrees. Dril-Quip’s Bottom-Supported Template Systems offer superior structural integrity and can accommodate a larger number of predrilled wells.

Conductor-Supported Template Systems

Conductor-Supported Template Systems are used where ocean floor conditions are known to be unstable, and predrilling conductors could undermine the template foundations. The Conductor-Supported Template System is also used in areas where the ocean floor is heavily inclined. A maximum of nine wells is recommended.

Modular Template Systems

The Dril-Quip Modular (or Spacer) Template Systems offer the flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes in the production program. This allows the operator to "build as you go," eliminating wasted capital expenditures for unfilled template receptacles. The modular template system is generally used in conjunction with subsea drilling operations.

Advantages Of Mudline Template Systems include:

  • Pre-installed stabbing guides accommodate piles that provide tie-back alignment to the platform
  • All disconnect points can be set at the same distance above the mudline
  • Tight centerline control of individual conductors provides predetermined well spacing
  • Simple running and installation procedures
  • Lands and locks onto a predrilled conductor
  • Diver or diverless leveling systems are available

Improve Operational Efficiency

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