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From design and engineering to manufacturing and testing, Dril-Quip checks every box to accommodate your field development needs, dramatically improving efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Capability Meets Flexibility

For your subsea field-development needs, Dril-Quip offers a variety of Pipeline-End Manifolds (PLEMs), Pipeline-End Terminations (PLETs), Inline Sleds (ILS) and Flowline Jumpers. We can seamlessly accommodate field architecture, layout, even the interface on flowline vessels.

We design our equipment to meet or exceed industry standards. Quickly and easily installed, these components minimize costs and machine-human interaction, along with weight, infrastructure and carbon emissions. Once in operation, you can rely on ample structural support and cathodic protection for the life of service.



Our compact PLEMs offer weight- and emission-reduction advantages and are easily integrated into your field designs.


Ideal for HPHT applications, our PLETs come with fixed- or sliding-carriage configurations to accommodate thermal expansion.


With our Inline Structures or Sleds, Dril-Quip delivers that same level of support to the rest of your flowline.

Surpassing Expectations Through R&D 

Dril-Quip designs equipment solutions based on our customers’ needs. Which is why we invest heavily in research, development and testing. In many cases, where traditional testing facilities lacked the capability of validating data to specific industry requirements, we built our own testing machines. In this way, we can stay ahead of the curve to ensure our equipment meets the demanding expectations of the real world.

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