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Configured to order, Dril-Quip’s subsea manifolds offer unparalleled engineering and design flexibility – from shallow-water to extreme deepwater service applications, including compact infrastructure configurations.

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A 3D model of a subsea manifold

Conventional Manifolds

Thinking Bigger By Thinking Smaller

Because our customers have a wide range of application needs, Dril-Quip prioritizes flexibility in our manifold solutions. It’s a proactive, unique approach in the industry that’s kept us at the leading edge of technology for optimizing flow paths and minimizing leak paths.

Staying aware of market needs has driven significant weight reduction in offshore infrastructure, requiring smaller vessels while minimizing CO2 emissions and the interactions between equipment and people. For your bottom line, that means saving OPEX, CAPEX, and, potentially, lives.


Dril-Quip Manifolds are designed to meet the industry's most significant flow-control challenges.

  • Skirt, monopile, or suction anchor foundations
  • Accommodates flowline ranges 2" through 6"
  • Options available for leveling
  • Available with Dril-Quip's high-performance gate valves
  • Available with Dril-Quip's fiber-optic-based control system
  • Accommodates retrievable choke modules
  • Available with flow-through pigging or removable loops for round-trip pigging

E-Series: Stats

25 year

Operational life

10,000 ft

Up to 10,000 feet in depth

10,000 psi

Up to 10,000 psi of pressure


Up to 250°F working temperature

Compact Manifolds

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