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Dril-Quip extends its considerable expertise in specialty connector design to include drilling and high-pressure production riser connectors.

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High-Pressure Drilling Riser

Drilling And Production Riser Systems For TLP And Spar

Several connector styles are available based on the intended use and loads applied for the application. The Company’s FRC™, PR-80™ and PR-85™, the OPT ZF-2005™ and OPT NF-2000™ Riser Connectors, along with its wellhead tie-back connector and radial bolt quick connections for surface production trees, are included in its comprehensive Dry Tree Production Systems product line. This enables Dril-Quip to offer the complete drilling and production riser string for TLP and Spar Floating Production vessels. Dril-Quip offers drilling and production riser systems complete with universal riser spider and associated running tools.


  • Robust, preloaded flanged riser connection with full-bore 18-3/4” drift
  • Features our evolutionary DXe® Wellhead Connector and high-integrity gas-tight, metal-to-metal gasket for superior environmental risk reduction
  • Integrated running profile to accept hydraulic running tool
  • Incorporates industry-leading full-closure diverter system

Drilling Riser

Dril-Quip offers a complete riser system for drilling operations conducted from floating production platforms. A key element of the system is the FRC™ riser joint connector. This, along with appropriately sized riser piping, forms the basis of an outer barrier riser between the subsea wellhead and the drilling spool on the floating production platform to connect to the BOP Stack and maintain pressure control during drilling operations.

Dril-Quip’s FRC™ Flanged Riser Connectors are preloaded connections suitable for use in TLP or Spar high-pressure drilling riser applications. Forged heavy-duty bolts are used to make up each connection and incorporate rings to retain the bolts in the "up" position during handling. A metal-to-metal sealing ring gasket provides a gas-tight connection.

Dril-Quip’s FRC™ Marine Drilling Riser Connector combines high coupling strength with ease of operations and meets the stringent durability requirements of today’s deepwater and ultra-deepwater drilling operations.

Special hydraulic wrenches ensure fast make-up and accurate preloading of the flange connectors. This quick-running, high-strength coupling is designed for easy maintenance with field replacement of most of its components. This rugged, reliable riser connector delivers maximum uptime.


  • Easy operation
  • Includes syntactic foam buoyancy for lighter riser string
  • Includes telescopic joint, tensioning joint, and diverter joint
  • Available with Dril-Quip’s FRC™ or HFRe™ Riser Connectors
  • Designed to accommodate inner tie-back strings if required
  • Includes tensioning joint, telescopic joint, and surface joint as required
  • Includes all the required accessory equipment to run, install, and retrieve
  • Field-proven performance

Dry Tree Production Riser

Dril-Quip’s PR-80™ and PR-85™ and OPT ZF-2005™ and OPT NF-2000™ Riser Connectors, along with its subsea wellhead system, wellhead tie-back connector and the radial bolt connector equipped surface wellhead system and production tree product lines, have enabled Dril-Quip to offer the entire production riser string for SPAR and TLP Floating Production vessels. The PR-80™ and PR-85™ and the OPT ZF-2005™ forged, weld-on threaded connectors have the strength to resist high fatigue seen toward the upper and lower ends of production riser systems. The OPT NF-2000™ integral threaded connector is unequaled for its high strength, fatigue-resistant, economical design for middle-distance riser joint connections that are not as highly stressed.

  • Uses Dril-Quip’s high fatigue life PR-80™, PR-85™ and/or OPT ZF-2005™ Riser Connectors
  • Uses OPT NF-2000™ integral threaded connectors in lower fatigue Riser Connections
  • Incorporates Dril-Quip’s Riser Tensioning System and is compatible with any industry standard tensioning system
  • Can be designed to include passive buoyancy and/or strakes to minimize vortex-induced vibration, if required
  • Uses Dril-Quip’s high-strength DX® or DXe® Tie-Back Connector and integral tapered stress joint to connect at the subsea wellhead interface
  • Stress joint is engineered to resist bending and tension loads in critical stress areas and provide “life of field” fatigue life
  • Unique keel joint and transition joints to accommodate point loading at Spar keel (Spar only requirement)
  • Includes tensioning joint, surface joint and telescopic joint (Spar only) as required
  • Incorporates riser performance instrumentation joint if required
  • Includes all the required accessory equipment to run, install and operate the riser system
  • Field-proven performance

Dril-Quip offers complete drilling and production riser systems available with a universal riser spider and tensioning system to deploy and operate all production and drilling riser joints.

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