Reliable Riser Systems For Every Conceivable Need

With extensive expertise in specialty connector design, Dril-Quip provides a vast line of drilling and high-pressure production riser connectors. That includes the complete riser string for TLP and SPAR Floating Production vessels, as well as our evolutionary DXe® Wellhead Connector and high-integrity gas-tight, metal-to-metal gasket for superior environmental risk reduction.


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High-Pressure Drilling Riser

Dril-Quip extends its considerable expertise in specialty connector design to include drilling and high-pressure production riser connectors.

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Riser Tensioners

Dril-Quip offers either Pull-Up or Push-Up style, riser tensioning systems which are designed for stroke lengths, tensioning capacities and riser angular offsets compatible with Spars and TLPs.

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OPT ZF-2005™ Production Riser Connector

OPT ZF-2005™ is a patented and field-proven line of premium weld-on threaded connectors for production and drilling risers.

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OPT NF-2000™ Threaded-And-Coupled Production Riser Connector

The patented OPT NF-2000™ is a true revolution in threaded-and-coupled (T&C) connections.

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Above And Beyond R&D

To ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards, Dril-Quip has unparalleled in-house R&D and testing capabilities.

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Work Safer, Smarter, And Faster

With a wide range of cost-saving solutions and support, Dril-Quip will show you how.