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With the continued push towards optimization and efficiency in frac technology, our customers challenged us to develop new ways to manage their completions. The Multi-Well Frac Connector system allows a continuous flow loop that reduces downtime during operations and reduces the number of connectors, thereby reducing risk to the field staff on site.

Engineering Excellence for Enhanced Productivity

We push the boundaries of technology, and the Multi-Well Frac Connector is a testament to this commitment. Engineered to perfection by Great North, this innovative equipment ensures heightened operational efficiency. It integrates seamlessly with multi-stage fracturing operations, enabling concurrent well fracturing to minimize downtime. Streamline your operations, harness your full production potential, and lower costs with a solution designed with meticulous precision and built to last.

Unpredictable, harsh environments demand reliable tools. Dril-Quip addresses this demand with the vigorous Multi-Well Frac Connector. This robust equipment is resilient, sturdy, and engineered to withstand harsh drilling conditions while offering optimal performance consistently. Trust the Multi-Well Frac Connector to perform efficiently and deliver results—no matter how challenging the conditions.

GN Multi Well Frac Connector

Key Features of the Multi-Well Frac Connector


Fit for Purpose

  • Adaptable to any well space or configuration
  • Single, Dual or Triple-rung design works with any desired pump rate
  • Patent pending MWFC technology


  • Reduces number of rental valves required, which leads to lower redress and repair bills
  • Reduces logistical costs by 50%
  • Rig Up and Rig Out in 50% of the time it takes using competing equipment
  • MWFC and Frac Trees pressure tested and ready before pumping company arrives on location


  • Eliminates all high potential erosion areas and bending moment stresses which mitigate the potential for pressure releases
  • All connections in the MWFC spread are Metal-to-Metal API 6A Flanged connections - no hammers or pipe restraints required

Continuous Flow

  • Reduction in flowrate through MWFC splitting flow from the missile
  • Continuous flow eliminates dead-legs/stagnant flow spots
  • Environmental impact – no need for methanol during winter operations or vac-trucks for trunkline cleanout flushes

Valve Configuration

  • Incorporating all valves in the frac tree reduces the number of total valves required
  • No more “fracing against” closed valves, instead “fracing past” valves

How the Multi-Well Frac Connector works

  • At Dril-Quip, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. With the Multi-Well Frac Connector, we showcase our ability to provide practical yet game-changing solutions that are impressively cost-effective.

How the MWFC works

Improve Operational Efficiency

Dril-Quip can help you boost your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk.

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