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Our XPak® Expandable Liner Hangers are premium liner hangers that often offer technical ratings in excess of the liner pipe and host casing.

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A close up of the XPak Expandable Liner Hanger

XPak® Expandable Liner Hanger

The XPak® Delivers Beyond Expectations 

Our portfolio bridges a broad range of applications and sizes from 3 1/2" liners inside of 5" casing up to 18 5/8" x 24"-the largest liner hanger available in the world. With a 20-year history of success, the XPak® continues to evolve and exceed customer expectations.

The XPak® expandable liner hanger includes both hanger and packer as one assembly and is set using a plug bump or drop ball activated multi-stage hydraulic setting tool to expand into the host casing.


  • API 19LH V1 qualified (ISO14310 V0 equivalent)
  • Metal-to-Metal liner top seal
  • Elastomeric back up seals
  • High Burst & Collapse Ratings often meeting or exceeding liner and host casing
  • High Differential Pressure rating
  • High hanging/ holddown capacity provided by slips integrated into hanger body
  • Slim OD profile reduces harmful surge/swab affects during run-in, conditioning, cementing and displacement
  • Ability to wash, ream, and/or drill in
  • Eliminates conventional liner hanger leak paths
  • Expanded area supported for life of well by unexpanded material
  • Compact design engages host casing over a short section
  • Available to deploy in casing sizes from 4 1/2" up to 24"


  • Ability to Rotate, Wash, Ream and Drill liner to planned depth
  • Robust running tool with high torque capacity
  • Running tools can be configured to suit wide variety of applications
  • Reduces Formation Damage from surge/swab
  • Slim running design means reduced ECD during run-in, circulating & cementing
  • Compatible with Flow Boss surge reduction tools
  • Improved Wellbore Integrity and Zonal Isolation from rotation while cementing improves mud displacement

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