Liner Hangers With Optimized Installation

The Dril-Quip XPak® De is a premium liner hanger designed specifically to deploy large OD liners through the restricted ID of a subsea wellhead and eliminate the need for supplemental adapters.

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A Dril-Quip employee installing the XPak De® Expandable Liner Hanger

XPak® De Expandable Liner Hanger

Engineered For Efficiency 

Subsea well designs historically utilize sub-mudline supplemental casing hanger systems to deploy large casing strings. These sub-mudline systems are inefficient, do not offer optimal installation parameters and have a history of operational difficulties and failures.

XPak® De enables 18" and 16" liners to be deployed and set as a true liner hanger; anywhere within the 22" casing string and without the need for contingency target joints or pre-installed adapters.


  • Replaces sub-mudline hangers and supplemental adapters
  • API 19LH V1 (ISO 14310 V0 equivalent) qualified
  • Eliminates NPT and remediation often seen with supplemental casing hanger operations
  • Compatible with all industry big bore subsea wellheads
  • Eliminates the need for fixed landing shoulder
  • Metal to Metal Seal with Elastomeric backups seals in DSAW welded seam pipe
  • High anchoring capacity
  • Reduces mud losses as bypass area from slim OD reduces ECDs
  • Integral tieback receptacle for contingency liner top isolation

Improve Operational Efficiency

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