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Dril-Quip offers TIW conventional liner hanger systems. TIW has been providing specialized tools to the oil and gas industry for over a century. TIW liner hanger systems, designed to work in every well condition, have been used around the world on some of the deepest and most difficult wells, on state-of-the-art horizontal completions and in deep water applications or where customers want the most reliable completion equipment available.

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Engineered For Performance And Dependability

Our product portfolio includes liner packers, liner hangers, setting tools and accessories, surface cementing equipment, downhole cementing accessories such as port collars and stage cementing tools and tieback equipment.

A 3D model of the Mechanical and Hydraulic Set Liner Hanger

Mechanical And Hydraulic Set Liner Hangers

Dril-Quip offers a variety of TIW brand mechanical and hydraulic set liner hangers. TIW liner hangers are engineered to provide superior performance and dependability in well circumstances such as high load capacity, fluid bypass and collapse resistance.

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Liner Top Packers

Run with the liner hanger, liner top packers provide a positive liner-to-casing seal at the liner top, reducing the possibility of formation breakdown, fluid loss and gas migration in both low and high-pressure applications. Dril-Quip manufactures a variety of liner top packer models for specific service requirements from low to moderate applications as well as high-pressure and extreme environments. Packoffs are available in various material and design to meet the environment and pressure requirements.

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Tieback Equipment

Tieback equipment allows existing liners with a receptacle to be extended to the surface or farther up hole, and provides a high-pressure seal at the top of a cemented or uncemented liner. Dril-Quip offers a variety of tieback seal nipples and tieback packers to accommodate liner top extension and remedial operations.

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