Liner Hangers Built for Performance

Dril-Quip offers conventional and expandable liner hanger systems.  The XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger System is designed to run with standard liner applications and incorporates industry-proven expandable technology to provide a liner top anchor/sealing device unmatched in the industry. Dril-Quip also offers a variety of TIW brand mechanical and hydraulic set liner hangers. Dril-Quip liner hangers are engineered to provide superior performance and dependability in well circumstances such as high load capacity, fluid bypass and collapse resistance.

Expandable Liner Hangers

A 3D model of the XPak® Expandable Liner Hanger

XPak® Expandable Liner Hanger

The XPak® Expandable Liner Hanger includes both hanger and packer as one assembly and is set using a plug bump or drop ball activated multi-stage hydraulic setting tool to expand into the host casing.  

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A 3D model of the XPak De® Expandable Liner Hanger

XPak De® Expandable Liner Hanger

The XPak De® big bore expandable liner hangers are designed to run through subsea wellheads and replace 16" and 18" submudline hangers.

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Conventional Liner Hangers

A 3D model of TIW Conventional Liner Hangers

Conventional Liner Hangers

Dril-Quip offers conventional liner hangers for a variety of well applications. 

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To ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards, Dril-Quip has unparalleled in-house R&D and testing capabilities.

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